Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Final Card - Don Blasingame

This is the final card for Don Blasingame, strange because he was the Senators' regular 2nd baseman in 1965, collecting 449 at-bats in 129 games, and was their primary 2nd baseman for the first half of 1966.

Blasingame was signed by the Cardinals in 1953, and played 3 seasons in the minors.

He was the team's regular shortstop for the first two months of 1956. In mid-June the Cards acquired shortstop Al Dark from the Giants, so Blasingame moved over to 2nd base to replace Red Schoendienst, who had departed in the Dark trade.

Don was a fixture at 2nd base for the next 3 seasons, starting every game in 1957, 133 games in '58, and 148 in '59. He also made the 1958 All-Star team.

After the 1959 season he was traded to the Giants for veteran shortstop Daryl Spencer and outfielder Leon Wagner. Blasingame played one season with the Giants, then was traded to the Reds in April 1961.

Don was Cincinnati's everyday 2nd baseman in '61 and '62. He started 9 games in April 1963, but was replaces by a young upstart named Pete Rose. After riding the bench for the first half, Don was traded to the Senators on July 1st for pitcher Jim Coates.

As mentioned at the top, he was the Nats' 2nd baseman through the start of the 1966 season. In the first half he split time at 2nd base with Ken Hamlin. By mid-season the team decided to play Rule 5 pickup Bob Savarine regularly in the 2nd half, so Don was sold to the Athletics in early-August. He was released a month later.

Blasingame played in Japan from 1967-69.

He passed away in 2005 at age 73.

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